How to fix Pixel 7 Pro volume button falling off

Written: 30 ago 2023


Problem assessment

If you own a Pixel 7 Pro, I really hope you don’t have this problem in the first place. However, if you are here, you probably searching for a solution to this problem. I’m so sad that a flagship that costs around 900€ has such a problem.

I really hope that Google with the next generation of Pixel phones will spend more money on the manufacturing process and quality control.

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Image of the problem

Pixel 7 Volume Button Missing

Source: here

My Button
My Button 2

It looks like the glue or sponge thing that used to hold the button in place is not strong enough. I don’t know if it’s a problem of the glue or the sponge itself. However, it’s a big problem because you can lose the button and not be able to change the volume.

How to fix it

In order to fix the problem, you can choose between some options:

  • Send it in for repair: If you are enough patient and you don’t want to risk to break your phone, you can send it in for repair. However, the process is in the matter of weeks and, probably, you will loose all your data. If you are interested in this option, you can check out the official Google support page

  • Chad fix: If you are a Chad and you don’t care about your phone, you can try to fix it by yourself! This looks scarier than it is.

Chad solution

What you need

  • Pixel 7 Pro (Possibly with a broken volume button)
  • An Aliexpress Account
  • A credit card
  • A Pixel 7 Pro volume button replacement


  • Go to Aliexpress and search for Pixel 7 Pro volume button.
Aliexpress Search Page
  • Choose one from the list and just buy it. Important, be sure to check that the model is Pixel 7 Pro and not Pixel 7. I saw that the buttons are quite different, so be careful.

    • Pixel 7 WRONG ONE

      Pixel 7
    • Pixel 7 Pro RIGHT ONE

      Pixel 7 Pro
  • You can even choose to buy a different color. I bought a black one because I think it looks better than the white one, and it’s actually working.
  • Wait for the package to arrive. The average waiting time is >= 2 weeks. It depends on the country you live in.
Waiting time
  • When the package arrives, you can start the repair process. Read carefully the next steps in order to avoid any problem.

    • Remove old volume button
    • Insert new volume button
    • Enjoy your phone
  • End

That’s all folks

Here is a picture of my phone with the new volume button.

My Pixel 7 Pro

It’s sad that a fast way to fix this is to buy a cheap volume button from Aliexpress after speding around 1k € for a phone. The phone is fantastic and I never had any problem with it, but goddamn, this is a big problem.

If I have any problems in the future I will update the article

I really hope that this guide helped you to fix your phone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

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