NieR Automata UI

Written: 12 ago 2023


On-the-Fly Change

I’ve decided to transition from a completely dark color palette to a slightly different one. I’ve shifted from an entirely dark theme with occasional accents of lighter colors here and there to a fully light theme inspired by NieR Automata.

How I Did It

I have to thank the user who created this project on CodePen, which helped me understand how to structure everything.

You can find the project directly at this link: SOURCE.

I’m really loving how the project is turning out, even though I still don’t know exactly what to post. For now, let’s just say that I’m spending time writing posts and building the website’s structure. I must admit I’ve always wanted to create something in the style of NieR:Automata.

Idea for the Future

I literally just had an idea while writing this post! Maybe I can add a component to the site that displays post content in a summarized form, highlighting the headers. I don’t know how to do it yet, but technically it should be very doable.

  • Add a component to display post content in a summarized form
  • Add a search for posts by tag
  • Add a search for posts by date
  • Win the lottery and get 10,000€

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