Photographer Website

Writing date: 22 ago 2023


Photographer Website


Website made using plain HTML, CSS and Javascript. It’s a website for my photographer fiancee. I just wanted to try Bootstrap since I know is a very popular framework and I wanted to see how it works. I also used some Javascript to make the website more dynamic.



I just used:

Name Motivation
HTML To create the structure of the website
CSS To style the website
Javascript To make the website more dynamic
Bootstrap To make the website responsive

To be honest, if I could start over, I would use a framework like React, Vue or Svelte, because is far more easy to maintain and to add new features. I also would use a CSS preprocessor like SASS or LESS, because it’s easier to style the website and to maintain the code.



If you want, you can visit the website from here: Ilaria Costantino

If you want to see the code, you can find it here: Github Repository

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