Second Personal Website

Writing date: 22 ago 2023


Second Personal Website


This was my second personal website I made. I was so proud of it, in fact it has been my main website since 2 weeks from the writing of this project page.

I wanted ot create something pretty, minimalistic but functional and different from the previous one. I added some pages that were not present in the previous, I added a manual switch for light and dark mode, I added a lot of content. I will write them in the next paragraph.



I used a lot of technologies in this project, but the main ones are:

Name Motivation
SvelteKit My favourite framework and the one I know the most
TailwindCSS I used it in the past and I got used to it. I also like it a lot
GraphCMS I wanted to try a headless CMS and I found this one. It’s very easy to use and it has a lot of features. It’s a bit strange to setup but it’s very powerful


I wanted to add a lot of features to this website, and I did it. I added:

Posts and Projects

I used GraphCMS to write posts and have something like a blog. There was a dedicated page and a tag handling system implemented in SvelteKit, that filtered the content based on the tag clicked. Posts

I used the same structure to show projects. I added a filtering system to show only the projects I wanted to show using tags.



I had in mind a page to upload my University Notes, since I started to take notes with my computer, but I never had the time to do it. Maybe in the future here? Who knows..


Resume Page

I added a resume page that had a timeline showing each milestone I achieved in my life. It was enough cool but not so much cool to handle and maintain it..



Overall, the project was a lot messy and hard to maintain. I had to write a lot of code to handle the filtering and the tag system. I also had to write a lot of code to handle Tailwind, because I decided to add it later.

However, I was very proud of it and I used it for a lot of time. I also learned a lot of things, like how to use a headless CMS, how to use TailwindCSS and how to handle a lot of pages in SvelteKit.

Now, if you want to see the code, you can find it:

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